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What factors affect drilling costs?


Latest company news about What factors affect drilling costs?

Drilling is an important means of obtaining underground resources. The cost of drilling directly affects the economic benefits of an enterprise.

There are many factors that affect drilling costs, and these factors are intertwined and jointly affect the level of drilling costs.


Therefore, understanding and mastering these influencing factors is of great significance to reduce drilling costs.


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1.Well depth. The deeper the well, the higher the cost.


2.Geological factors and the complexity of geological structures during drilling. The more complex the geological structure, the more diameter changes, and the higher the cost.


3.The geographical location of the drilling determines the transportation method and power source of the drilling equipment, which in turn affects the drilling cost.


4.Drilling footage, power, and hole diameter. Generally speaking, the deeper the footage, the greater the power required and the higher the cost.


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5 independent patents

Automatic analysis of abnormal areas, show best point quickly on device screen

Automatically draw curve map, profile map, and 3D renderings to analyze geological structures more intuitively through various forms.

Simultaneously and synchronously complete the data collection of multiple measuring points, which greatly shortens the operation time. it completely solves the influence of the unstable factors caused by the time difference if the natural electric field source, and effectively improves the accuracy.

It has a supplementary measurement function, which is convenient for analyzing the extension of the geological structure.

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